Dementia exercise support (patient and family)

Those suffering from dementia have unique needs. Physically they may be very capable but without encouragement and support to stay active their general health may deteriorate. 

shutterstock_298071074-resizeJust like anyone else people with dementia may suffer from falls and balance issues, need to recover from an operation or have other physical challenges. However, they are more likely to struggle with motivation or even to remember to do the exercises that would help them.

We can help. Either working directly with the client or supporting the family, to achieve the best results possible. Tailored programmes can work towards the client regaining their independence, reducing their risk of falls and improving their general health.

To participate in physiotherapy they do not need to be able to remember anything, however, they do need to be able to follow instructions.

If you would like to talk to us, please give us a call. We are happy to talk through your individual situations and offer what we can to support you and your family member get the best quality of life.

To find out if we can help, call us on 07565 017 853 or email us with your contact details and we will call you back.